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Presentator Margriet van der Linden ontvangt Arno Uijlenhoet
Een Politiek Gesprek. Presentator Margriet van der Linden ontvangt Arno Uijlenhoet, van de nieuwe Europese partij Newropeans. ’Our main point as Newropeans: We want to give the Europeans, besides a national voice, also a European voice in the European parliament. If we really want to get grips (...)
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The common interest of 500 millions European citizens is not compatible with national politicians vested interests Newropeans is strongly condemning a series of recent decisions from some member states, in the field of foreign policy, which are putting in danger the common interests of 500 (...)
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A communiqu from Newropeans
National parties are not allowing you to vote on EU affairs. So do not give them your vote in 2009. Because they fear the voters choices, the EU leadership and the main national political parties - right, left and centre - have decided to prevent the European citizens from taking part in (...)
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Newropeans Press Release
20 November 2007
We do what they are not doing. The lack - and the urgency - of a real European policy for the Middle East is quite evident, and underlined by every independent observer. The US-leaded peace process has failed, and Europe needs to assume its role in its neighbourhoods, but today’s EU doesn’t (...)
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Newropeans Press Release 20/10/2007
The European Summit on Friday, October 19, 2007 agreed a so-called Reform Treaty which was widely celebrated as a way out of the crisis the EU had slipped into upon the French and Dutch No-votes on the Constitutional Treaty. ’Those who say this refuse to tackle the real challenges the EU is (...)
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